With headquarters in Hong Kong, Asia Material Resources Ltd has, since 2008 been a highly regarded and reputable supplier of high-performance kaolins and other white materials and ancillaries to the ceramic industry – for the manufacturers of high-quality tile, tableware and sanitaryware.

With shareholders and Directors in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia AMR Ltd has a broad base of rich ceramic experience from mining, processing, quality control and logistics to the end-use of finished products.

Having managed mines, processing facilities and laboratories which also support toll manufacturing and sourcing AMR can provide a wide portfolio of materials tailored to the needs of the relevant manufacturer.

Finally, partners in Europe and the United Kingdom supply specialised material, equipment and services to enable AMR to provide a comprehensive service that is highly regarded for speed, accuracy, reliability and longevity.

Kaolin Mines

Managed by shareholder VITIS JSC who have strategically set up technology partnerships with selected Vietnamese mining companies for the production of silicate materials to serve the local industry and export customers.

Vitis acts as a mineral-link between suppliers & end-users through the professional networking of AMR who are our major channel of mineral export to the targeted regional markets since its establishment in 2008.

Thanks to Vitis & AMR cooperation on both commercial and R&D aspects of new products, we have achieved very encouraging results in developing high-quality kaolin for export markets in the region, our products have been supplied to the world’s top manufacturers in Tableware and Sanitaryware sectors over the last 12 years.

AMR are currently looking to augment the Vietnamese kaolins with potential new supplies from Australia.

Toll Manufacturing

AMR works closely only with competent and reliable partners who are inspected and audited to be certain they meet our high standards and any ethics or applicable environmental legislation. Regular meetings and visits confirm that high standards are met and any problems are resolved promptly.


As with toll manufacture all suppliers are vetted and samples are exhaustively tested before a company can become an approved supplier. Production control and quality assurance are taken seriously as are logistics issues including scheduling, packing and loading.

We have also recently begun trading in finished high-quality tiles for Tile Central (http://tilecentral.net/) in the UK using our sourcing network as this takes advantage of our knowledge of the industry and the most efficient regional supply routes.

Strategic Partnerships

AMR has actively sought out partnerships and alliances with key suppliers and customers to enable the best possible products and service. The most obvious of course would be having VITIS JSC as a shareholder and Hoang Giang as a Director but ZMM Sdn Bhd of Malaysia are another prime example. ZMM are millers of zirconia opacifier and AMR a supplier of specialised filler but the business relationship is enhanced by cooperation on sourcing, processing knowledge and distribution of products through sympathetic agents and distributors. Likewise, we cooperated with Sibelco to find minerals that can be added to our synthetic bone ash to replace natural bone ash in tableware formulations. Further, we have cooperated with Kerajet to introduce their ink-jet printers into Hong Kong and Chinese tableware companies and to print decals. We are also cooperating with NIKKEN NIC on glaze developments for bone & fine china.

Through these alliances, we can offer a comprehensive portfolio.